What George Washinton Could Teach Us About Marketing Today

If George Washington were alive today we would need 280 candles on his birthday cake.  We all know him as the great military leader of the American Revolution, our first President, the man on the dollar bill and of course the one who chopped down the cherry tree. What most don't know however is Mr. Washington, the businessman and innovative farmer. There are some that claim that Washington was the first to breed mules.  A mule is the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. Horses and donkeys are different species, with different numbers of chromosomes. Washington believed that mules were stronger, more patient and more durable horses, while faster, and more intelligent than donkeys making them great for the use on the farm.

When it came to his crops he was a grain aficionado.  After abandoning an unsuccessful career in then highly taxed and and low profit tobacco, Washington used his fruitful wheat crops to fuel his whiskey distillery.  Consider him the Mark Zuckerberg of Agriculture.

Washington was one of the all-time, premier visionary leaders responsible for inspiring a Nation. He and his band of founding fathers were what is called the "Framers" of the United States of America.  But what type of impact would George Washington have in modern day society?

One of the defining characteristics about Washington was his honesty.  We've all heard the legend of the Cherry Tree and whether or not it has been exaggerated or completely fabricated over 300 years is less important than its moral significance.

With the advent of social media, there is perhaps no more important element in marketing than honesty.  It is imperative to remain transparent and the knowledge base accessible to consumers is now infinate.  No longer is marketing a one way conversation.

The Framers, led by Washington, believed in a philosophy of collaboration. Unlike the monarchy from which we spawned, the new nation would be one in which the ideals of the people...the citizens...its consumers.

Washington was successful because he was open to criticism, to the idea that everything must be tweaked and adjusted.  The same MUST be observed today with Marketing.  No one idea is perfect.  But by listening to the will of the people, we can learn and make adjustments to our marketing strategies and ultimately fashion a relationship with the consumer where in exchange for their input we promise to serve their needs.  Happy Birthday George Washinton.



(who were delegates to the Federal Convention and took part in framing or drafting the proposed Constitution of the United States