We exist to solve our clients' challenges and empower them to grow bigger and better business.

our mission


Leveraging the power of technology, we help our clients navigate the changing landscape of marketing and sales to earn trust and grow better

HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner

We are a GOLD certified HubSpot Solutions Partner


We are a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business

our philosophy

We build strong relationships and invest in our partner’s success as it is directly tied to our own. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and believe that we are rewarded with loyalty as evidenced by our many long standing partner relationships.

our culture

Our set of shared beliefs, values and practices. We are passionate about culture because culture doesn't just help attract amazing people but it amplifies their ability and helps them do their best work. Our culture is designed to be collaborative, inclusive, and innovative.  We believe our culture is to recruiting, as our services are to marketing.  Every company has a culture, why not create one we love. We're not there yet but.we aspire to our ideal culture.

our values

Our core values drive every decision we make, every touchpoint we have with a prospect, every engagement we have with our clients, stakeholders and the greater inbound community. We Live by them. Die by them. Service by them. Hire by them.

what we do

we are a inbound marketing agency with a grassroots soul.  

You're likely here because you want to find out how we're different from the other marketing agencies.  Most agencies started as web design shops.  Advancements in technology and the rise of website building SaaS platforms forced them to pivot their offerings to survive.  Today they masquerade as lead generating factories.  While leads are great, they're only as good as the process that converts them into customers. 

sorry, we're not web designers

we're not web designers. We come from an ad sales background. We know that any marketing effort should be measured by it's ability to impact the bottom line.  You deserve a more sophisticated revenue operation.

we're inbound

We partner with our clients to align their people, the right technology and process in order to attract more good fit leads, better engage prospects and delight your customers so they become your best advocates. Then we empower your organization to do it again and again, each time faster, like a flywheel. 

Effectively executing an inbound strategy requires a a lot of coordination that's why choosing the right agency that aligns with your goals is so important.  

who we work with

what makes a good fit for our agency

While we have helped dozens of clients launch successful campaigns and growth projects.  But before we explore how we can help you achieve your goals, we wanted to be lay out what we've found makes clients good fits for our agency.

  1. We work well with companies that want to grow. Companies looking to maintain market share are great, but we just aren’t their agency.
  2. You should have a strong handle on what good lead look like for your business before working with us.  However, if your challenge is converting those leads at a higher rate or closing at a faster velocity, we can help.
  3. We tend to work together best if your company is the original provider of goods and services. While we think derivative providers or resellers rock, we probably can't help you.   
  4. We're friends of the direct sales model with sales cycle of 1 to 12 months. In order for you to benefit the most from our services, your sales cycle must be long enough for us to demonstrate a measurable and rewarding return on investment.  If you're churning clients in a less than a week, God bless you but we won't be able to help.  
  5. Clients with more than eight employees, and a dedicated sales team of at least two employees fit like a glove. While we do occasionally work with microbusinesses, we typically need a large enough team to accomplish the goals we create together.
  6. We work  best with teams that have a single marketing lead.  Even if you have not yet built a marketing department, we excel at developing your marketing strategies, process, and tech stack from the ground up
  7. Lastly, we work with clients with allocated resources for the growth of the organization.  If you haven't yet thought about a budget or what you're willing to invest in your sustainable and scalable growth, we recommend that as a pre-requisite prior to engaging with us.   
our story

our Brooklyn growth story

Nov 2004

how it started...

True Story:  Highbrid started off as a venture designed to fund a music project that a group of college friends were working on at the time.
(That's co-founders, Daniel and Juan, at the company's very first meeting in the conference room of the company that Juan was still working at.) 

Nov 2004
April 2005

we started selling outdoor ads

equipped with many years of media marketing and retail sales experience between them, Highbrid launched initially selling advertisements on New York's iconic Commuter Van industry.

Western Union
April 2005
Feb 2009

we opened our first office 

after 5 years without a place to call home, we opened our first corporate headquarters at 174 Bogart Street in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  

highbrid baby pictures
Feb 2009
Feb 2016

we became HubSpot Agency Partners

In our first major expansion of our service offering, Highbrid Media launched its digital marketing division. We partnered with Hubspot, the cloud-based world leader in contact relationship management (CRM), marketing, sales, and customer service software with a simple mission: to help companies grow better.

Feb 2016
March 2020

the world changed

on March 17, 2020, we shuttered our offices as the COVID-19 pandemic forced us into a shelter in place lockdown. 

Office Space-1
March 2020

how it's growing...

today we have a global workforce with 9 employees in 3 different countries and growing just like our clients. 

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we call ourselves

'Team Grassroots'

We have adopted the gritty attitude of Brooklyn, where we are from, and it has given rise to our “Learn-It-All" not "Know-It-All'' philosophy that has inspired our commitment to training as a means to building a better team.

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